Lebanese cousins sharing their love and zest for food Cousa Mamas is owned and operated by cousins Cori and Jessica Anter. Growing up in Italian and Lebanese households, our culture was the driving force in creating our love for food. Both our mothers and grandmothers taught us our way around the kitchen, and showed us how much love and laughter can be shared over a good meal.

Today we aim to make your lives easier and a little more delicious than they once were through our weekly meal plans and catering. While we specialize in our cultures’ Mediterranean fare, we have a true zest for food and have spent years better understanding and preparing many other cultures’ cuisines as well. Our hope is that through each of our services you can feel just how much thought and care goes into each and every meal. It truly is food from the heart, and we can’t wait to share from our family to you!

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Cori Anter


Cori here! Since I can remember most of my life was spent in the kitchen with my late mother and grandmother. Heck, they’re even the ones that created the Cousa Mamas name! The one lesson they taught me that always held true, is that when you love what you do and you truly believe in yourself, you can make it happen. My goal is to always honor the treasure that was learning from them, and pass that on through our food to many others!

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Jessica Anter


Majority of my life spent in kitchens, I found that there was nothing quite as fulfilling as sharing the experiences of laughter, joy, and good food. My goal is to share that same joy through the food we create for our customers!

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