Lox Board

An easy and delicious way to start your day! Accompanied with everything seasoned bagel chips, our Lox Board includes cream cheese, house smoked salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, capers, and fresh dill.

We guarantee freshness with our Lox Boards for 24 hours. Our Lox Boards technically can last up to 3 days before serving, however as time progresses and more moisture accumulates on the board, the ingredients on the board can become compromised.


We never thought fruit could look so good! Showcasing the vibrant colors and tastes, we look for the most in season fruit to pair with sweet spreads for this unforgettable fruit platter!

Portion *

  • 4-6 (+$100.00)
  • 8-10 (+$160.00)
  • 10-14 (+$200.00)

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